27 Mar 2013

McDonald’s Resturant Dungarvan Co.Waterford Fit out

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Company name ; Footprint Developments Ltd

Position ; Director

Address ;  Clogher, Rathkenny, Co Meath

 What service/product did we provide ?

Carpentry labour for the installation of laminated wall panelling & furniture

What were our service/products like ?

The service was very good with a willingness to put the hours in, which is essential for fit out work.

How did you hear about us ? Through John Galvin

Would you recommend someone to buy from why ?

 Yes. Good service is normally backed up by good production.

Although there was no material on this job,

I would recommend, and already have recommended Alan for more work.

How where the staff/products ? The lads were neat, tidy and accurate.

They provided a good clean finish and showed concern for getting it right!

Considering it was the first fit out the service was very good.

McDonald's Resturant Dungarvan Co.Waterford Fit out McDonald's Resturant Dungarvan Co.Waterford Fit out
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