About Us


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Marble City Interior Designs restructured the company and launched it as MCK back in April 27th 2010, but as many people know it was formally known as Brennans Diy family owned by Alan and his family for 10 years previous. Since further recent changes the company is now known as MCIS (Marble City Interior Designs).

The most beneficial change to take place at MCIS since opening in 2010 was the relocation of the shop from Loughboy industrial estate to the Hebron Business Park in Dec of 2010. This move was only to improve our location so that it would be easier for new and existing customers to reach us. We are a widely recognised unique furniture design company.

Our main selling point is that we’re able to provide people with nearly any product that they find hard and over priced to get anywhere else. Whether it means copying from images in books, internet or even their own descriptions of ideas they have come up with when undergoing a consultation with them whatever it may be our family business is here to create or supply/fit your ultimate kitchen designs, beautiful wardrobes fitted including the newest and most elegant sliding wardrobes, luxury living room cabinets units and designs.

We even cater to your business needs by performing shop fittings, shop design as well as office fit outs and professional office designs.

We want to accommodate our customers in whatever it may be that they require and our best chance of doing this is to offer and cater to a wide range of services and ideas to a high standard and through the years we believe we have done nothing but. Our customer reviews and follow ups have always been pleasing and satisfactory and we thrive on such good reports. We here at MCIS offer dedication to understand, meet and deliver on your hope’s dreams and demands from everything from your precious family home to your pride in business MCIS will assist you in achieving these standards in each and every furniture design.